BUMC Media & Tech Support Services
​​​​The BUMC Media & Tech Support Team works around the clock to support the ministry of Bedford United Methodist Church through multimedia assistance.  We do so in the following ways:

~Regularly updating and mainting the church website.
​~Providing audio and visual support services during church services and special events.
​~Coordinating with any multimedia needs or equipment needs at BUMC (for small groups & ministries onsite)
​~Overseeing the network operations and technicial support to all staff and individuals at BUMC facility.
~And much, much more....

We are here for all of your technology needs.  If you experience any technical difficulties while navigating our website, or if there is anything we an do to further expand your ministry (helping to run audio/visual equipment, setting up equipment prior to an event, recording, and much more), please do not hesitate to contact us below. 

If you have an upcoming event, please let us know as we would love to put it ​in our announcements and promote online!!!!

Contact the BUMC Media & Tech Support Team!