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Minister of Children's Education - Terran Will

“I greatly enjoy children and spending time with them, engaging and getting to know each and every one.  As a child myself, I loved attending Sunday School and VBS.  I was always eager to learn as much as I could about our Heavenly Father and now as an adult, I still have that hunger and thirst for Jesus.  I think it is important to teach children staring at an early age the love Jesus has for each and every one of us.  In this world of hurt, evil, and a lot of wrong doing, it is important to build a strong Godly foundation and ensure children that God is always with them.  I find it exciting to watch children’s faces light up when they engage and learnabout our Lord and Savior.  I got started in Children’s Ministry at an early age helping with VBS and my passion keeps continuing to grow.  Prior to coming on staff at BUMC, I helped bring AWANA to First Christian Church in Everett, PA.  We build the program up to 88 children registered and at least 67 children every Sunday evening when we met.

My future plans and hopes for BUMC are to have service projects for children to participate in and host activities that encourage children and families who are not churched to attend, as well as keep our current BUMC children engaged and an active part of the church.”

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